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Our store offers a large assortment of goods for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and a wide variety of industries: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, energy, mining, extractive and processing industries.

Innovative solutions created in the research and development departments have the highest priority in the activities of the largest oil companies in the world. Professional engineers and chemists, using their knowledge and experience, develop lubricants that demonstrate exceptional performance of the lubricated components and parts. All innovative solutions are applied considering the requirements of the modern world market and new production technologies, since oils and lubricants have long been important structural elements of modern technology.

We offer lubricants that are based on the latest technological developments. Their creation is due to close and long-term cooperation between chemical concerns and major manufacturers of machinery and equipment. The result of such cooperation is the full approval of such products by the leaders of the world mechanical engineering and their recommendations for the widest use of these oils and lubricants in practice.